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Preparation is Every day: one day at a time (#3)

Dear Parents of Grade3-Grade 8 Students, 

With the Cambridge progression testing period on the horizon, we're entering a time when our collective support for our students becomes even more impactful. Drawing on both the insights shared in "Survive and Thrive During Testing Season" from the linked Edutopia article and further research, we've compiled a set of supportive strategies to help our students excel not just academically but in their confidence as well.  

  • Homework Assistance: Actively engage in your child's homework, ensuring assignments are completed. This not only reinforces learning concepts but also allows you to identify areas where your child may need extra support. 

  • Develop Good Study Habits: Instill effective study practices and critical thinking skills early on. A structured, distraction-free study environment and a consistent study schedule are key components of success. 

  • Maintain Regular Attendance: Consistent school attendance is essential for academic success. It ensures your child doesn't miss vital instruction and learning opportunities. 

  • Open Communication with Teachers: Regularly communicate with your child’s teacher to stay informed about their progress and to discuss ways you can support learning at home. 

  • Encourage Reading: Broaden your child's reading material beyond textbooks to include magazines, newspapers, and comic books. This diversity in reading materials can significantly enhance their vocabulary and comprehension skills. 

  • Incorporate Educational Games: Use educational games and programs to make learning enjoyable. These tools can improve engagement and reinforce learning in a fun, interactive way. 

  • Teach Direction-Following: Help your child practice following instructions carefully. This skill is not only crucial for academic success but for personal development as well. 


As we wrap up, it's important to remember the power of weaving emotions and personal connections into our children's learning experiences. By sharing stories, recognizing every small achievement, and reminding our students that their value goes far beyond test scores, we can foster a positive and resilient attitude towards education. Encouraging open conversations, allowing for breaks, and helping them articulate their concerns are simple yet effective ways to support them through this testing season and beyond. 

Remember, your support and involvement are crucial to your child's confidence, performance and well-being. Incorporating emotion and personal connections into learning can significantly reduce test-related stress and improve recall and understanding. Sharing stories, acknowledging efforts, and ensuring your child knows that their worth is not defined by test scores are vital in maintaining a positive outlook towards education. Engaging in discussions, taking short breaks, and allowing your child to express worries can also create a supportive environment conducive to learning and success. 

Warm regards,

Carol Souisa

Head of Academics

SPH Kemang Village


Information about exams can be found on the Academic Information page



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