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Understanding Cambridge Progression Test Results

Dear Parents,

As we enter the beginning of the Cambridge Progression testing weeks, we understand that the assessment process may bring about concerns for parents. Please allow me to explain the purpose of these tests within our educational framework.

The Cambridge Progression Tests are designed to provide both teachers and parents with a clear picture of each student’s strengths and areas for improvement. These tests are not just evaluations, but tools that help us tailor our teaching to better meet the educational needs of our students.

Since we dropped the Cambridge stages this school year to more appropriately reflect each grade level, we expect the Progression Tests may be slightly more difficult, as teachers and students have had to cover two years' worth of material. However, these Progression Tests will provide us with invaluable data on any learning gaps so we can continue to improve our Middle School program and prepare students for IGCSE.

Importantly, the Cambridge Progression Test is part of a broader assessment strategy. It does not weigh more than a typical assessment or project. Meaning the progression test maybe included as one summative assessment among many and collectively will reflect student learning. This structure ensures that no single test can disproportionately impact a student’s grade, reflecting our commitment to a fair and balanced approach to assessment.

To further support our students, we have implemented specific strategies to bridge gaps in key topics, particularly in Geometry and Statistics for our MS students. Our curriculum across Grades 5 and 6 includes an introduction and review of these topic areas, focusing on essential skills and terminology. This continuous review ensures that by the time our students reach Grades 7 and 8, they understand these topics and are well-prepared to begin their IGCSE studies in Grade 9.

We are committed to preparing our students not just for these tests, but for all the challenges they may face in their educational journey. Our teaching strategies are designed to help students understand and master the curriculum, fostering a deeper, more comprehensive learning experience.

Please rest assured that our ultimate goal is to support every student’s growth and success. Should you have any further questions or need more detailed information about our assessment methods or any other concerns, feel free to reach out. We are here to assist and ensure that you feel confident in the path your children are on at our school.

Thank you for your continuous support and trust in our educational system.



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